A Tribute To John Molnar

John Molnar August 7, 1960 – October 13, 2010
John Molnar
August 7, 1960 – October 13, 2010

On Wednesday, October 13, 2010 my beloved John slipped away from us due to complications of leukemia.

John was an incomparable artist and a mentor to so many, but he’s left us a legacy of art that will keep his memory and spirit alive forever. He will always be remembered for his incredible intellect, wicked sense of humor and repertoire of accents, and for his love of nature, compassion and the spirituality that is reflected in all his paintings.

You were loved by so many. Many more than you’ll ever know.

Your spirit and love is in my heart always, and I’ll miss you everyday of my life.

Your loving wife,

Cathy & John...

Cathy & John…



The “Tree of Life” series is based on
ancient mythology of central Asia.
I found these myths while researching the nomadic cultural origins
of the Hungarian people, which are
of personal interest as I am of
Hungarian heritage.

The tree is a metaphor for life and time.
The roots reach down to the past
and to water, mother of all life here
on earth. The trunk is the present time,
all that is within reach and knowable to mankind. The tree reaching upwards
to the heavens is the future, and the quest
for spiritual growth and understanding
that all enlightened people must try
to achieve. The myth is an eternal
self-perpetuating cycle because when the heavens are reached and wisdom is bestowed, this wisdom is returned to the world in
the form of rain. Stags are often shown
guarding the tree because they are associated with the constellation Capricorn,
the water goat.

This myth is common to many
Asian peoples, but its origins
have been identified earliest with the
ancient Sumerians in Nineveh and Ur.

~ John Molnar